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As part of the research project Smart Public Enironments, financed by Vinnova, several innovative pilots have been tested in Lund. One of the pilots aims to develop the area of Brunnshög and the businesses present at Brunnshög. TravelVu was used to collect the travel data from employees at Innovations Skåne. Travel data on employee travel is a good way to understand current situation and need of the employees and further to improve the conditions to travel in a sustainable and healthy way. Read more under Products, Employees travel.


Innovation Skåne with financing by Vinnova

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The study collected travel data on the employees commuting trips as well as their business trips. Mode spilt was presented for both types of trips. The app and its potential to be used by private companies was evaluated by the employees.

Lund is a part of IoT Sweden, which is Vinnova’s major investment in developing the Internet of Things. Lund’s project is called Smart Public Environments (Smarta Offentliga Miljöer in Swedish) and it explores how connected things can improve citizens’ everyday lives. The purpose is to be able to offer citizens better services, find efficiency improvements, and make our processes smarter.

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