We appreciate if you want to share data on how you are traveling. It is easily done with an app that does large part of the work for you.

Psst! Those that share their data takes part in a competition over gift cards in a swedish large grocery store (1000 kr).


The city of Gothenburg constantly needs new knowledge to build you a better city. Right now they are working within a research project were they study how the design of the city effect the way we travel. The more people that participate the easier it will be to build better for everyone.


During 22nd of April – 19th of may, 2019 the data collection is open. It gathers information on how you travel, how far and with what speed etc. Every participant gather at least 7 days. Your data will be anonymous and it will not be possible to track you through your data.


Step 1.
Download TravelVu from App Store or Google Play (For free)

App store.jpg
google play.jpg

Step 2.

Enter the app and choose the right survey: Göteborg

Step 3.
Answer the background questions and then you are good to go. Do not forget to correct your days.


Have a look at the video that shows how to collect your data

Do you want further instructions on how to get started and how it works? Click here

Do you have questions regarding the study in Gothenburg or how to use TravelVu?
Contact us here: forum.travelvu.se/