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Let your everyday life solve the future of transportation!

A new research project is the first of its kind to collect data on travel behaviour over a long period of time. This type of data is unique and is missing today. By understanding travel behaviour over time, researchers can help traffic planners to find realistic and efficient measures that work in people’s everyday lives. The participants will share information about how they travel, and thereby contribute to future transports system. The project is conducted by Lund University and Trivector.

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Improved understanding provides better solutions

Knowledge of how and when we travel is of great importance for traffic planners to create a well-functioning transport system. Often, travel surveys are carried out at regular intervals one day in the spring or autumn, when travel is considered to be at an average level. But we travel differently in the summer and in the winter, we take the opportunity to do more errands when we are still on the road, pick up children, shop or exercise when we are on the way to or from other activities. By improving understanding how we travel in everyday life and how it varies between days, weeks and seasons, we can create a better transport system that really works in people’s everyday lives. Improved understanding provides better solutions.

Better data with new methods

The studies that are usually done on people’s travel habits typically have short collection periods where the participants themselves indicate how they have travelled. New methods for collecting travel pattern data, such as via the TravelVu app, enable a much more detailed description of travel over a much longer period of time. With this type of new data, researchers can describe how often different types of travels are made, how often different destinations are visited and how different means of transport are used in a much more precise way than before.

Your contribution

The travel behaviour survey is done using the TravelVu app that you use in your mobile phone. You should not change how you travel, just remember to bring your phone. The app then registers your trips, and you check, adjust and approve that the information is correct.

The survey runs from October 2021 to October 2022. You are welcome to join throughout the entire project period. You can terminate your participation in the survey at any time.

No results will be published so that any data of participating individuals’ can be interpreted. The research project follows current legislation on data protection such as GDPR.

We hope that you are interested in participating!

How to participate

  1. Start by downloading the TravelVu app in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Select the survey “Vardagsresor“.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app and answer the survey.


This is how you check and correct your trips in TravelVu

TravelVu analyses your GPS tracks to try to determine where you are stopping and what means of transport you are using. Sometimes the app gets it wrong. Therefore, it is important that you check TravelVu and confirm that the trips are correct or change the ones that are wrong.

➀Activity: Has TravelVu entered the correct activity? If you need to change, just tap the activity and enter the correct one. Next time you are in the same place, TravelVu remembers what you did last time and suggests it.

➁ Trips: Check if the trips are described correctly, if not you can easily change means of transport, time and distance.

➂ Is the day correct? When the description is correct, just mark it correct.

➃ Questions: At different times we will ask you some short questions about you and your household, your prerequisites and how you prioritize. You can easily answer them directly in the app.



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