Mobility survey Île-de-France


Inov360 in partnership with L’Institut Paris Region have conducted the first TravelVu study in a series of tests to be conducted in the Paris region, Île-de-France. This series of studies is an opportunity to test how TravelVu works in a French context and in a large complex city like Paris. The first survey round was conducted among 34 participants in February and March 2022 and plans to be followed by a larger study of circa 100 participants in April and May 2022. These two preliminary TravelVu surveys combined with a questionnaire to participants about their experience with the app on behalf of Inov360 will allow us to develop and adapt for a larger roll out to the public in Paris in the autumn 2022.

These studies provide the opportunity to both get better knowledge on how people move about in Paris but also to better adapt the TravelVu app to a larger city’s needs.


Inov360 and L'Institut Paris Region

Data collection start:


Data collection ends:


Want to know more about the mobility surveys in Île-de-France? Feel free to contact Kristen.

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