ActiveTravel Privacy Policy


We are happy that you choose to use ActiveTravel! This means that you will share information about how you travel. To protect your privacy and ensure that the information you provide is not misused or ends up in the wrong hands, we use several security systems. We take security measures into account in the design of the ActiveTravel app, where the data is stored, and in the processes for data analysis. We want you to feel safe when you use ActiveTravel.

Data collection – the ActiveTravel app

To be able to use ActiveTravel we need to collect data about your travels, but we will also ask some additional questions about you. These questions are for understanding whether different groups (such as gender and age) travel differently. It is, of course, always voluntary to use ActiveTravel and to answer questions. Before trip collection starts, the app will ask for approval to access location and activity recognition data on your device. 

To make the data collection of your travels as easy as possible for you, ActiveTravel need to collect some data in the background. The background collection is important for ActiveTravel to be able to collect all trips during a day. If background collection is not accepted, ActiveTravel will not be able to describe your trips accuately. The ActiveTravel app collects location, activity recognition data, current time zone and battery level in the background. Collected data is used to produce trip diary suggestions, shown to you in the app. Battery level is collected to allow quality improvement of the app. This is the minimum amount of data we need to piece together a picture of your travel habits. When starting to use ActiveTravel, you are reminded of this and asked to make a consent to accept the terms. Using ActiveTravel, you can always review our privacy policy and the agreement again within the app under “Settings / Show intro again”.

Analyses for learning how the transport system works

The data material collected may only be used to support you to travel more actively, support how organisations (such as your employer) can support active and sustainable travel, and to understand how to create better conditions for more active and sustainable transport. No other analyses are allowed. Results and logs from analyses are saved so that review of which analyses have been carried out can be done. When results are presented, data is always aggregated so that individuals cannot be identified.

Only authorised persons can access data

To ensure that only authorised persons have the possibility to view and analyse the data, data extraction is limited to only a small number of key people at Trivector Traffic. Data extraction is stored in a confidential folder where only persons who need access to the data have access. In addition, data material is not allowed to be placed on employees’ computers. Logs, computer programs, and routines ensure that data is protected securely.

Sharing of data

The data collected by ActiveTravel is owned by Trivector Traffic. If data is shared, it is only done anonymously, and individuals cannot be identified. The exceptions are the surveys Astra Zeneca 2023, Tetra Pak 2023, Region Västerbotten 2023 and Region Uppsala 2023, which will be shared with Karolinska Institute for research purposes. Karolinska Institute maintains the same level of data protection as Trivector Traffic.

You have control over the data you provided

You have control over the data that you have supplied using ActiveTravel. You can always see the travel data that you have provided to us in the ActiveTravel app. At your request, we can send you your data in which we also include information recorded, for example which version of the app or the language used (this can also be seen in the app). Data will be saved as long as it is useful to understand how the transport system is used, thereafter it will be deleted. You also have the possibility at any time request that your data should be deleted, requests are sent to For us to be able to find (and delete your data) we need you ActiveTravel ID.

ActiveTravel ID

When you download ActiveTravel, an ActiveTravel ID is created which is visible in your phone (you can find it under “Settings”), this is how we can connect data from the same phone or delete data if you wish. If you uninstall ActiveTravel and reinstall, a new ActiveTravel ID will be created, and you will appear as a new individual in the database.


Although most changes are likely to be minor, this Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. Trivector encourages you to frequently check this page for changes. If we make changes, we will notify you by revising the change log below, and, in some cases, we may provide additional notice through ActiveTravel.

Change log

  • July 2022: Original version
  • April 2023: Adjusted participating organisations

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