Reggio Emilia, Italy


From October, residents of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Italy, will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative survey on mobility to understand how and when people move to meet their daily needs throughout the day - to go to work , accompanying children to school, shopping or going to the historic center, or to the cinema.

The objective of the survey is to collect useful data for designing sustainable mobility policies and actions also in support of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan (PUMS).

How does it work?

With a smartphone app, TravelVu, your phone can automatically detect your movements. At times you will need to tell what activity you have been to (home, school, work, supermarket ...) and sometimes correct if the mode of transport was not correct. At the end of the day we will ask you to confirm the correctness of the data collected. The results will be anonymous and cannot be traced back to a single individual.

You don't have to change your habits, but you just have to take your phone with you when you move. The information collected will be used to understand how and how much people move in Reggio Emilia and how the city can be more sustainable and at the same time satisfy the needs of citizens.


The survey starts from 21 October. Use the app for at least 7 days. If you wish you can continue to use the app until December 23rd. Some prizes may be awarded for some of the participants who will confirm at least 7 days.

Get ready!

1. Download the TravelVu app from AppStore or Google Play

2. Choose the name "Reggio Emilia"

3. Answer the initial questionnaire

4. The application starts working on its own! Remember to mark your days as correct for at least 7 days

The survey is part of a trial of the European project TravelViewer, co-funded by the EIT Climate-KIC program. The project aims to improve the data collection of people's movements to support sustainable mobility policies and actions. TravelVu is an application developed by Trivector, leader of the TravelViewer project.