Travel survey Innherred, Norway


Trøndelag county council and the municipalities in Innherred (Norway) mapped their residents’ travel in Innherred during the fall of 2019. This provided a knowledge basis for further work in sustainable land and transport policy. The participants were recruited through a random selection, but the selection was supported through crowdsourcing. The information from the TravelVu survey will serve as a basis for setting goals and identifying measures in continued efforts for sustainable development.


Trøndelag county council and the municipalities in Innherred (Steinkjer, Verdal, Levanger, Snåsa, Verran, Inderøy, and Frosta), Norway

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Mode share, travel purpose, and total trips

On average, residents travel 46 trips per person per day. 66% of trips were made by car, 23% on foot, and 6% by bicycle. The remaining trips were taken with public transport or with other modes of transport. Results showed that the mode share numbers differed very little between the group that was recruited through random selection and the group recruited through traditional crowdsourcing and social media.

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