Technology + People = Quality

By combining technology with human input we get higher quality data. For every trip that the user takes, TravelVu collects information on time, trip/activity, length, speed, route and mode of transport. The user checks the trips, and adjusts as required before confirming that the trips are correct at the end of the day. Not even the best algorithms are always right - a check from the user is therefore important. 

It is only days that are marked "correct" that are included in data export and analysis.

Your active participation is important!

Travel Survey Data

The user's travel patterns are divided into different elements. There is information for each trip element: start time, stop time, mode of transport, distance, speed and route. Each activity has information about: start time, stop time, type of activity and geographical location.

TravelVu automatically detects seven modes of transport: walking, biking, bus, train, tram, car and excercise. Other transport modes can be added manually and the users have the option to adjust their mode of transport, start and stop times, distance and route. There are 17 different activities that the user can choose between. TravelVu remembers the activities that the user has done, but the first time in a new location the user will need to choose which activity that is connected to the location. A suggested activity can always be changed. 

It is possible to connect specific questions to the different modes of transport that can be answered every time a mode of transport is used. This can for example be useful when you want to know which bus you went on or which fuel the car uses. 

The user

There is a possibility to ask the user questions in the background survey. It is possible to specify questions for each survey.

The following background questions are included in the standard survey: gender, age, number of people in the household, driving licence, number of cars available, education, main occupation and household income.

Examples of analysis