Technology + People = Quality


The quality of data that TravelVu delivers is built on a combination of technology and human interaction. In today’s world, not even the best algorithms get it right every time and that is what makes user interaction so important. TravelVu captures how users travel, where they have stopped or changed transport, and the mode of transport used. The user can quickly review the tracked trip directly in the app and make any necessary adjustments so that they can later mark the day as ‘correct.’ The user’s travel patterns are divided into travel elements. For each element there is information about: start time, end time, mode of transport, travel length, speed, and route. For each activity there is information about start time, end time, type of activity, and geographical location.

There is also the possibility to ask questions to the users before and during the survey’s duration. With a short background survey there is the option to create questions and to adapt questions based on answers to previous questions. There is also the option to ask questions after a user has used a specific mode of transport.

Only days marked as ‘correct’ are counted towards the data output and analyses.


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