A new way to perform travel surveys

By using TravelVu you can see how you travel and how much time you spend on different activities. Information about your trips is presented in both time and distance. 

You can download your own data.

Download TravelVu

Available for Android and iPhone

TravelVu can be used on iPhones or Android devices. (For the tech-minded: iPhone 5 (iOS 10.3) or later & Android 5.0 or later)

1. Download TravelVu from App Store or Google Play (Search for TravelVu to find it). App Store and Google Play might show standard warnings about charges in app, but TravelVu is free and contains no in-app purchases.

2. When you open the TravelVu app, specify which survey you want to participate in and the password that you have received for the survey.

3. The next step is to answer a few background questions about yourself.

Are you uncertain how to download apps? For iPhone, use App Store and your Apple-ID. For Android, use Google Play and your password for Google Play​.

As TravelVu uses GPS to follow your movements, you might need to charge your phone more often than otherwise. TravelVu collects data in the background during the survey period. When the survey period is over, you have a few days to correct your trips. If you want to continue to use TravelVu after the survey period is over, you can! You get the option to do this once the survey is finished. 

Check and correct your trips in TravelVu 

TravelVu analyses your GPS tracks to try to determine where you stop and which modes of transport you use. Sometimes the app doesn't get it quite right, and it is therefore important that you check TravelVu and confirm that the trips are correct and/or change what is wrong.

  1. The day is correct: You mark that your trips and activities during the day are correct for each day.

  2. Specify activity: Press on the activity and choose the right activity. Next time you are at the same location, TravelVu will remember what you did the last time and suggest the same again.

  3.  Change mode of transport: Press on the trip you want to change. Here you can change the mode of transport, time, length, add or split trips. 

Keep track of your trips
You can also see where you have been travelling and get a summary of your trips in time and distance summarised per day, week or month. This data can also be downloaded.

Use the support portal support.travelvu.app, where you can read the answers of frequently asked questions and also ask your own questions.