Employee travel


As an employer you have many opportunities to influence how your employees travel to and from work, in addition to influencing how they travel when on-the-job. With the TravelVu app, you can quickly get an overview of over how your employees travel to and from work, and on-the-job, to understand your company’s potential for sustainable travel. As an employer, you can use this potential for healthier employees, have more control over the parking situation, reduce emissions, and increase your attractiveness as an employer by showing your commitment to your employees and the climate.

To make positive impacts on employees travel and commuting first requires an understanding of how employees travel today. This can be done with a traditional online travel survey or with the TravelVu app that gives you fast results with an overview of how employees commute and travel on-the-job. In addition to the travel survey with the TravelVu app, you will receive tips on how you can work to realize your company’s potential for sustainable travel.




Employees see the whole – the company sees only work-related trips

With the TravelVu app, employees can add all their trips and get a summary of their travel patterns. The app registers mode of transport, destination points, the travelled route, and the travel time automatically. The employees control and adjust their trips so that they are added correctly. The employee gets continuously updated summaries of their travelled routes and travel times with different modes of transport.
The company receives a summary of the employees travels that are work-related; to, from, and during work. An example of data would include the travelled route, the travel time, and even the climate emissions for different modes of transport.

More active travel reduces sick days

Experience shows that by changing out car commuting to bicycle commuting, sick days can be greatly reduced. Helping employees improve their health by utilizing travel linked to work is both good for the company and employees. The first step in doing so is finding out how employees commute today and then make customized efforts to increase active travel. This can be done by a gameification in the app.

Get a better look at the parking situation

For many businesses, the parking situation is problematic. Maybe you feel that there is not enough parking? Maybe you want to use the space for something else and therefore reduce the number of parking spaces? There are many ways to improve the situation, which suits your company best depends on how employees commute and what company or on-the-job travel looks like. A better understanding of your employees’ travel provides a basis for successfully monitoring the parking situation.

An attractive employer lives up to its values

Being an attractive employer can’t be measured in money. Part of this is living up to your company values. Show current and future employees that you care both about your employees’ well-being and our climate goals.


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Pernilla Hyllenius Mattisson