TravelVu – the way to collect travel data

TravelVu makes it easy to collect and understand how people travel. Compared to the limited capabilities of traditional survey methods, the TravelVu app is a modern method for gathering high quality data. This data can give insights into where and how people are traveling. Knowledge on how people use the transport system is a valuable base for improving public transport, increasing cycling, and even creating more effective parking. It can be used as a tool for creating better policies, reducing climate emission, and making your workplace more attractive. The opportunities are limitless once you have the knowledge base that TravelVu can offer.

TravelVu is an app that collects travel survey data. The data is used to better understand how and why people move in order to plan and improve our transport systems. Algorithms in TravelVu analyse GPS data from smartphones, which you as a user review and adjust. The algorithms gradually learn from these corrections and become better at guessing the right activity and means of transport.
By combining technology with human input we get higher quality data. For every trip that the user takes, TravelVu collects information on time of day, trip/activity, duration, speed, route and mode of transport. The user checks the trips, and adjusts as required, before confirming that the trips are correct at the end of the day.
We are happy that people choose to share information about how they travel. At the same time, we understand the responsibility you are giving us in handling your data and are of course following the applicable regulations. Only a limited number and authorised personnel are allowed to view individual data. When the results are presented in reports or presentations, it is always aggregated so that the identification of individuals is impossible.


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